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The Cornwall Sunshine website is designed as an owner advertising site, therefore all property enquiries are dealt with directly by the property owner. Cornwall Sunshine is solely the advertiser of the property and takes no responsibility for enquiries, bookings and arrangements made between the owner and a potential customer.

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One cottage + up to 4 photosThe Free Cottage, plus...The Bronze Pro, plus...The Silver Pro, plus....
Summary informationOwner management areaUp to 6 propertiesUp to 12 properties
Full descriptionUp to 1 propertyUp to 10 photos per propertyUp to 24 photos per property
Area descriptionUp to 6 photosAnnual listingUp to 2 videos per property
Directions to propertyOwner name and telephone number1 x Featured listing credits (30 days)
Easy to update calendarOwner company name1 x Highlighted listing credits (30 days)
Location mapOwner company logoAnnual listing
List of facilitiesOwner website link
Rental pricesFacebook vote feature
Summary rates chartTweet message feature
Contact owner formBook now feature (if required)
Send to a friend formView owner listings
Reviews of propertySave to wishlist
Save to wishlist featureFeatured listing option
Print featureHighlighted listing option
45 daysAnnual listing
FREEUp to 1 property: £49.00 Up to 6 properties: £79.00 Up to 12 properties: £149.00