Looe Island

Mar 26, 2016

Looe Island is a very special island with a wonderful story about two sisters who wanted to own there own island. There are a couple of books written by the sisters which are quite fascinating. Babs and Evelyn Atkins dreamed of owning and island and back in 1965 they set about making this happen. I think one of the sisters was a teacher the other into pottery or arts of some sort. I remember reading that when they came across Looe Island, they felt they would not be able to afford such as place, but to there astonishment their offer was accepted. However, there was much work to do on the island, and if I remember correctly one of the sisters set up a pottery or arts class for visitors to the Island.

The sisters lived on the island nearly full time and during the summer months the place is a tranquil haven, however, in the winter the rough seas and weather make it nigh on impossible to get on or off the island.

Looe Island is 22 km and 150 feet above sea level, and is situated off Looe, by about one mile.

Looe Island is a gorgeous island where one can stay close by, in the many cottages available in Looe. Cornwall’s best cottages, some of which are Cornwall cottages quite near to such an astonishing island.

You can tour Looe Island by boat and the income generated is put back into preserving the natural beauty of the island. There are not cafes or shops available, but you can buy copies of the aforementioned books. A couple of times during the year the low tides do create a path directly to Looe Island, but you should take a guide for such a journey to ensure you don’t get caught between tides.

If you take your family to Cornwall, make sure visit Looe Island.