Mousehole: West Cornwall

Jan 13, 2016

Mousehole is a wonderful hamlet situated in West Cornwall, in between Land’s End and Penzance, with a perfect beach for family days out. Mousehole was burnt down in the 14th century by Spanish invaders leaving one house untouched, which still stands today. It has wonderful cottage homes and is one of England’s most beautiful settings.

Dorothy Pentreath of Mousehole some 400 years ago was reported to have been the last known fluent speaker of the Cornish language. In fact, some claim she could only speak Cornish.

We had a wonderful day in Mousehole; all the better as it was a warm sunny summer day. This is a truly idyllic location and once you visit you will for sure want to return again.

Mousehole is a gorgeous location where one can stay close by, in the many holiday cottages available. Cornwall’s finest cottages, some of which are holiday cottages quite near to such a stunning location.

Just off the Mousehole shore is St Clement’s Isle, which is worth exploration and there is a small cave, along the coast and not too far from the beach. There are great restaurants, galleries and shops in Mousehole, where you can venture through the narrow winding streets and discover the many gems that make up Mousehole; a charming traditional fishing village.

If you take your family to Cornwall, make sure visit Mousehole.